Tinkerbell Cake

Kayla, one of my friend, Danielle’s, daughter turned two this year and I was asked to make her birthday party cake!  Last year, I made an Abby Cadabby Cake and a Smash Cake for her first birthday (click the names to see the previous posts) and they were a hit!  Naturally, Danielle knew she wanted a Pastry Shells creation at her next birthday party!  This time, the theme was centered on Tinkerbell!  We decided on a cupcake tower with a small, fondant covered cake on top.

Here is the lovely cake with the adorable Tinkerbell candle!


Tinkerbell was sitting in a garden of bright, gumpaste flowers, vines, and leaves.  All of these were completely edible and pretty at the same time!




The cake was customized with the birthday girl’s name and age!


Here are a few close-ups of the cupcakes.  Each cupcake had a small, gumpaste flower on the top and tiny, pastel pearls.



The cake had flowers, vines and leaves surrounding the top and trailing down the sides.  Check out the different views:




Last year the birthday girl had a complete meltdown when we placed a cake in front of her to eat with her hands.  We were hoping for a different scenario this time around.  So, we all gathered around and sang to her then we watched her blow out the candles (above).


All of the kids couldn’t wait to dig into their cupcake, “is it time yet?” this cute little boy asked…
Yes, it was time and Kayla picked up the cupcake to take a big bite…
Oh no!  She is melting down, and quickly!  She is waving her hands around crying for the food to get removed from her face!
Her Dad quickly wiped her face off and turned the cupcake so Kayla could only reach the cake part (the icing was too messy).  Crisis averted!
Me and the birthday girl!
This is the damage Kayla left of her cupcake.  She did so well!  Just wait… the cake journey for her is not over!
It was now time for the adults to eat cake!  I sliced the cake and low and behold… it was different colors!
Everyone was shocked!  Mostly because they didn’t think the cake was edible but then to see such pretty colors was even more shocking!

We thought the cake adventure was over, but with the option of a multi-colored cake, Kayla was all in!  She even ate the icing!  She is a girl of my style, loves anything pink!Happy Second Birthday Kayla!

If you would like to order a cake from Pastry Shells, contact me at PastryShells@gmail.com.