Elmo at the Beach Pull-Apart Cake


If you haven’t done so, read this post to learn about how this cake came about!  An adorable 3-year-old wanted an “Elmo at the Beach” themed pull-apart cake.  If you have never seen or heard of a pull-apart cake, the picture explains it all!  Or, I can explain it… multiple cupcakes are pushed together and iced at the same time; the top looks like a cake but really it is made up of cupcakes that can just be “pulled apart”.

This was such a fun cake to make!  Please keep in mind that EVERYTHING on this cake is edible (well, except the toothpicks that hold things together, and the cupcake liners) which means this cake was completely custom made.  I love cakes like these because I can pay attention to small details to help make the cake unique and special.
Here is Elmo relaxing on his towel on the white sands of Shell Island (get it, Pastry Shells).  Just in case Elmo gets too hot he can get some shade with his fancy umbrella or, if Elmo gets bored, he can toss around a beach ball!
What beach would be complete without a happy crab and some SHELLS (I try and sneak those by any chance I get!  Get it… Pastry SHELLS)!
I know what you are thinking… “Pastry Shells, why did you put sand on a cake?  I can’t eat that.”  Simple!  It’s graham cracker crumbs which are the perfect match for the deliciously moist Strawberry Shortcake cupcake (in fact, graham cracker crumbs come on the Strawberry Shortcake cupcake.
 Here is the “cake” on location with the finishing touches!  It was such a hit!
Don’t forget to check out Post 1 and stay tuned for the Cars, the movie cake!
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