Cars (The Movie) Pull-Apart Cake

Before you read on… STOP and read Post 1 and Post 2… or you can keep reading and catch up on those posts when you are done!  Just to refresh everyone’s memory:  A family has two kids, a girl and boy, with birthdays close together that both wanted individual themes at their joint birthday party.  The girl chose Elmo at the Beach as her theme and the boy chose Cars The Movie as his theme:

Once again, this is a cupcake pull-apart cake and everything is edible (minus the toothpicks that are holding the flags up… oh and the cupcake liners ha!).

 These cupcakes were chocolate cupcakes and all of the icing is cream cheese icing.
Bronson, the birthday boy, wanted a car that was in his favorite color, orange!  So, I searched and searched and couldn’t find race car character in the movie that was orange.  This led me to create my own orange race car and I chose to make it have a fire theme!
What Car The Movie cake would be complete without Lightning McQueen?
And I couldn’t resist putting the adorable forklift, Guido!  He is by far my favorite and he turned out really cute!  I placed him near the cones so he could warn the race car drivers of the scary turn… okay, I made that up, but the cones are still neat!
Here it is!  The finished product at the house!  He just loved his cake and couldn’t believe everything was edible!
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  1. I loved the "Tinkerbell" theme and the "Cars" design. Of course, "Cookie Munster at the Beach" will always be a hit! Your creations are so creative and beyond gorgeous! Love, Mom

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