Cars The Movie Cupcakes (Again)

I would say there are plenty of little kids that just love this movie therefore it was bound to happen… I knew I would be making another set of cars from the well-known movie Cars.  Check out the first pull-apart cake I made with the same theme but first I am going to share with you how to make your own car!

Start out with a block of fondant in the color of the car (I was making one blue and one red car).  Each square on the mat they are on is one inch to give perspective.
Mark a line for the front of the car and a line for the back.
Using the ball tool, create a groove where the line for the back of the car is and use your fingers to shape the back end.
Starting from the line for the front of the car, smooth in down into an angle.
Next, draw a line for the bottom of the windshield…
and tap the front of the car on the table to flatten the face.  Then attempt to take a none-blurry photo of the process.
Using the pointed tool (that’s definitely technical term) to create the smile.
Using a sharp tool (the long way to type “knife”)…
create the grooves for the windshield,
side windows,
and back windshield.
Then add two squished tiny balls of yellow fondant onto the front of the cars for the headlights.  Why I think these are the cutest part, I’m not sure.
Now, this is slightly tricky… get some parchment paper and place it over each window you created and cut out a piece that fits the window perfectly.  Then roll out white fondant and use the small pieces of parchment as a template to cut out the windows.
Remember, the windshield in front is just eyes, so it won’t fit the window perfectly.
Use a mixture of water and gumpaste/fondant as glue and adhere all the windows.
Perfect!  Now, for the details!
Get. These. Pens.  They are awesome!  Literally food coloring in pen form.
See the rainbow?
Grab the black pen and wiggle it in the smile and fully fill in the groove.
Once again I used parchment paper to initially shape the lightning bolt and make sure it fit my cars then I cut it out of rolled yellow fondant (the same used for the headlights).
Don’t forget the car number which in this case is the child’s age.
Use those nifty pens to create the eyes and bring the car to life.
Of course, don’t forget the tires!  I used a small circle cutter and cut the wheels out of rolled black fondant.
Done!  Oh, wait… you probably want to know a little more about the pull-apart cake.
Let’s start with the flag… cut a strip of rolled white fondant and wrap the ends around two toothpicks.  Then, using that amazing black pen create a square pattern.
Then carefully color in every other square and let the flag sit for a little while to set.
Place your cupcakes on a board and put a small amount of icing under each one to set them.
Icing the cupcakes in grass colored frosting.
Then spread the icing around.
Once it looks like this I usually put the cupcakes in the freezer for about 15 minutes to solidify the frosting partially.
Add a strip of black fondant for the road.
Then little details like strips and cones can be added.
Then you are done!
The kids loved the cupcakes!  Hopefully you will enjoy making your own cars too!
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