Surprisingly Simple Free Paw Patrol Cake How To

After making this adorable Paw Patrol cake I received a lot of interest in the making of this cake!  I had no idea Paw Patrol was such a hit!  If you are not so much a crafter, these items are available in my Etsy shop (link) for purchase.  Also, at the end is a complete list of the supplies I used.


How To: Upright Number
First, print the size number you would like on paper and then the same number in a slightly smaller font.  Cut them out to create templates.  Roll the fondant out with a fondant rolling pin and using a fondant cutter cut the numbers out of the desired colors (Above the red fondant is the larger number while the yellow fondant is the smaller number).


Use water to wet the inside of the larger number.  Place the skewers on the number and lightly press down.


Lastly, place the smaller number on top and lightly press.  Let this dry for a couple days before placing on top of the cake.
What is great about this technique is it can be used for so many applications.  Here are a few other cakes with items made from a paper template:
How To: PAW Patrol Logo
Create templates out of paper of each part of the logo.  I made a large shield, small shield, bone, and the letters.  Then cut the shapes out of fondant with a fondant cutter.


Using edible silver food coloring spray the larger shield.  You can also see I sprayed the little paw print pieces too!


Once the silver spray has dried adhere the smaller shield on top using a dab of water.


I free handed the paw print with a fondant cutter and used my small letter cookie cutters for the words on the bone.  Just use water to adhere everything together and you are done!  Let the logo dry a couple days before placing it upright.
And that is how I made a couple of the decorations!  Hope you enjoyed this!
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Supplies Used Throughout This Post:  

These are also available on Etsy (link) for your convenience. 🙂
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