Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake How-To

Happy Thursday!  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has been a hot theme for birthday parties lately and Pinterest has made birthday party planning intense.  Thankfully, your stress levels can be reduced with this make ahead cake!
Most of the decorations on this cake can be made a couple days beforehand which will free you up for the hundreds of other things that inevitably fall on your plate before a party.

Let’s start with the Mickey Mouse head (one that must start a couple days ahead of time).  Pick out a biscuit cutter (or use a jar) the size of the head and a smaller one for the ears.  Roll out some black fondant and lightly press the larger circle in the fondant to make a slight indent.  Follow this procedure with the ears placing them where they should be located on the larger circle.  Use a knife to cut around the slight indents you have made but make sure to keep the ears attached.  Place the head on a Styrofoam cake dummy the size of your cake (this makes the head stand up straight and curve slightly with the cake) and use toothpicks around the shape to secure it.  Finally, roll out fondant in the color of your choice and use a number cutter to punch the designer letter out.  Using water, adhere the number to the mouse head.  After two days the head will by dry and able to stand on its own.  The hardest part is done!


Okay… Mickey Mouse head… check.  Now for the body.  Roll out red fondant and cut a circle out with a biscuit cutter.  Use a knife to cut the circle in half and discard one half.  Using any icing decorating tip, cut out small circles from blue fondant.  Draw a cross on each blue circle with an edible ink black marker and use water to attach the buttons to the red body.  Operation Mickey complete!


For the small decorations throughout the cake I used various objects to create the desired shapes: tiny star cutter for the stars, small biscuit cutter and icing decorating tip for the tree, and a small fondant rolling cutter to free-hand cut the clouds and tree base.  Sprinkle a few of these around your cake to add a little interest (and as a side benefit, these small decorations can be used to hide inevitable mistakes you made while making the cake i.e. THUMB PRINTS UGH!).


Finally, for the drama.  The stars and lettering should also be done a couple days in advance so they will stand stiff.  Go ahead and roll out some yellow fondant and cut out twice the amount of stars as needed (you’ll see why soon).  Take a toothpick (or lollipop stick) and place it on one of the stars (don’t forget to let enough stick out of the star so you can put it in your cake).  Brush water over the toothpicked star and place another star on top, pressing gently.  Continue this process for all the stars.  Cut out the desired letters and use water to secure on each star.  Let this dry for a couple days and voila! Done and done.  Now give yourself a few solid pats on the back (wash your hands first).


Back View

Front View

Side View