Lace Cake Tutorial

First and foremost, congrats to my best friend Lanta!  Her August wedding was so much fun to be a part of and I’m so lucky to have such a great friend.  Secondly, her photographer was the nicest photographer I have ever worked with.  He really worked hard to get the best pictures in the hot and sticky Atlanta heat, thank you David!  Check David Diener with Atlanta Artistic Weddings out and you will not be disappointed!

Now, on to the cake stuff… Lots of cakes these days have beautiful lace details and I wanted to show you how easy it is.
First, determine your design and pipe it all over the cake.  This, I promise, is the most difficult part of the whole process.


Grab a food friendly paint brush and drag the icing from the outline inward.  Make sure to leave a little bit of the outline in place so you can still see the pattern.


Another trick is to wet the paint brush slightly to prevent the icing from sticking.  Once you brush all the outlines you are finished!


It is definitely a time consuming process, but it is a relatively easy way to create a beautiful lace design.
Here are the detail shots of the final wedding cake:




This best part!  Yum!


I love my best friend and I’m so happy she found the man of her dreams!  Y’all are so cute together!  Congratulations!