Deer Head Birthday Cake

You might be wondering who would order such a cake… isn’t it obvious?  A hunter!  This was for a 50th birthday party and was quite a hit.

For weeks beforehand I studied and calculated this cake and had such excitement the days leading up.  I was fully prepared and was so happy to see the finished product.  A week before I formed the ears out of fondant and made a few extras in case they shattered.  I had a tab of fondant sticking out the end of each ear to stick into the cake.

The hardest part about the cake was figuring out how to make the antlers and get them to stay up.  I ended up using antlers provided by the host to match the decor perfectly.  They were pushed into the cake at the last minute so they wouldn’t fall off during delivery.  I love how this cake out and I hope you do too!
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