Fondant Crabs How-To

In the Pastry Shells’ Etsy Shop there are some adorable little crab fondant toppers and today I’m sharing how I make these quick and easy decorations!

First, create the body.  In order to make sure all of the bodies are the same size, roll out fondant the same thickness and use a cutter that creates the amount of fondant you need for the desired body size.  You can see I used a larger circle to make a thicker body.  I just rolled the piece in a ball and slightly flattened it to 1 inch by 1 inch.


Next roll out six small balls and attach them with water.  I like to slightly flatten them too!


Create to slightly larger balls and slightly flatten them.  Then cut a slit in each to create the claw.  Attach to the top of the crab body with water.


Attach the eyeballs with some water.  Here I used some pre-made edible eyes.


Finally, use an edible pen and add some cute expressions.  There you go!
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