Prince Smash Cake

One of the best moments at a first birthday is when the smash cake is presented in front of the baby and five minutes later they are covered in frosting and cake. Now, unfortunately, most times the cute baby sits there and stares, completely unaware there is yummy, delicious, and fun cake sitting right in front of them. Here are a couple tips if you want to up your chances of a messy baby!

1. Do not, I repeat, do NOT cover your smash cake in fondant. When you cover the cake in fondant it creates one extra barrier to go through and, at first touch, nothing will get on the baby’s hand and therefore they might just give up. Instead, cover the cake in frosting and have the decorations be fondant. 2. Take off all non-icing decorations before sitting it in front of the baby. Babies are notorious for reaching for the exact thing you don’t want them to have, so let’s make it easy for them and only have one target. 3. If you have a party pooper who just won’t go near the cake, feed a little icing to them or just stick their hand in the cake.
When all else fails just destroy the cake yourself and put a like icing on their hands and face and voila! you have the perfect smash cake picture! Hope this helps!
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