King Plow Arts Center Wedding

Every time I complete an order I come out of it learning something.  Whether it’s a new technique or learning more about the work load I can take on, there is never an order I do not learn from.  This particular wedding cake provided me with a big lesson… Never leave the delivery car trunk open for 30 minutes.

It was raining, I was rushing to get the layers in and on my last trip it slipped my mind to actually close the trunk door while I spent 30 minutes setting up.  Whoops!  I also learned that people can just be so incredibly nice.  The valet men saw it died and took the initiative to jump my car!  I came out to a running car and was able to drive off in the rain like nothing happened… except being utterly embarrassed!  Lesson learned!  Besides, the cake table and backdrop were just so gorgeous it was so easy for me to move on, don’t you think?

I’m loving the rustic elegance of this cake!
Floral/Decor:  Bold American
Photography:  Andrea Taylor Studios
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