How to Make a Beautiful Minnie Mouse Rosette Cake Easily

A simple rosette cake with a few fondant elements made an adorable Minnie Mouse Smash Cake that you can make at home.
Remember that second tutorial I mentioned here?  Well, here it is!  In the video I will show you how I created the super simple rosette cake.  This process is so easy yet you will get such a glamorous look!

Rosette Minnie Mouse Smash Cake with matching cupcakes and cookies for a one-year-old birthday party.
It was the perfect smash cake for an adorable Minnie Mouse birthday party.  Oh, and check out those matching cookies in the bottom left corner, there is a quick tutorial of those here.  If you have any questions be sure to comment below.
This tutorial will show you exactly how to master those beautiful piped rosettes. The cake can then be turned into a cute character, like Minnie Mouse, with just a few fondant additions.
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Here is the tutorial for the matching Minnie Mouse sugar cookies. These are actually super simple and quick and great for beginners. Paw Patrol shield and bone fondant tutorial Try your hands at making these iconic characters. This sugar cookie tutorial is made for intermediate decorators.

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