Anchor Smash Cake

Smash cakes are the cutest parts of a first birthday party.  It’s even better when they dig in like this sweet boy did!

I was a little nervous about a fondant covered cake for a smash cake since typically it’s hard for the baby to get through, but this guy was ready to put the whole cake in his mouth immediately.
For those of you wondering about how to make the cake, I tried a new technique.  I used chocolate ganache to ice the cake before covering the cake with fondant.  I had heard this would make super sharp edges but was a little skeptical.  Man was I wrong!  The ganache is by far the best technique to ice a cake under fondant.  For a great tutorial on how to ganache a cake check out this amazing tutorial by my cake idol, McCreevy Cakes.  After it was covered I cut out a paper template of the anchor and used an exact-o knife to cut it out.  The rope was adhered to the cake with some stealthily placed toothpicks.

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