Pink Confetti

I had all intentions of filming how to make a confetti cake.  In fact, I even recorded it… or so I thought.  I uploaded the video and *poof* there was a 1 minute video of me organizing sprinkles.  So lesson learned, charge your video camera battery before filming.  I did, however, film how to make the lingerie cookies!


So really quick, ice your cake like normal then grab some of these confetti sprinkles and just cover the whole cake (push slightly on the sides so they stick).  Then use some bright white airbrush color and airbrush the entire cake to get rid of the colors from the sprinkles.  Once that is dry airbrush the entire cake in the color of your choice.  Done!


A lingerie shower wouldn’t be complete without some themed cookies!  Check out the tutorial video below.

Materials Used:
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