The Georgian Club Wedding Cake

I truly have the best helpers around!  My delivery guy, aka my Dad, is one of my biggest supporters and is a pro at helping me deliver desserts.  Most of the time we drive to a venue he has never heard of, say “hello” to vendors he doesn’t know, assemble and photograph the cake, then we drive home.  This delivery, on the other hand, was quite different.

The Georgian Club is located in the Cobb Galleria buildings at the top of a tower.

We drove through the Galleria to the back of the building.  As we start approaching a building to the left my Dad exclaimed “Remember when I used to work there?” to which my GPS replied “turn left”.

So, we ended up going to the building my Dad used to work at.  In fact, the Georgia Club was on the same floor as his old office.  Small world!

So, needless to say, he knew his way around.; he knew where the loading dock was, he knew what floor to go to, and he had even been to the venue!  It was quite a change and a nice surprise, plus a cute story to share!
Thanks to my Dad for always being geared up for my deliveries!
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